About Me

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I am based in rural New Hampshire.  I have had the good fortune to be able to travel this great country, backpacking  along both the east and west coast.  I have also been attending a huge annual event called Burning Man in Nevada for over a decade.  Many of my photos were taken there.

Photographing people is  most rewarding.  Slight nuances of expression can convey widely different messages or emotions.  What I enjoy most is being the impartial observer and catching people in the candid moments just being themselves.  I have experience with a number of genres  relating to people  such as portraiture, lifestyle, school photos, boudoir, and glamour

If you are a model looking to build your portfolio, I am open to a Time for Photos trade.

My Inspiration

As a photographer  I hope to evoke a response in my audience. I want people to feel happy, inspired, sad, alone, compassion, frightened, amused, connected, or a sense of wonder. I want people to reflect on what it means to be human or to be a part of this planet. When I hear that one of my photos elicited a response -whatever it may be, then I feel that I have achieved a measure of success.

My approach to photography is somewhat like a crow drawn by shiny objects. Things catch my eye and I do my best to capture their image the way it appears to me. I enjoy capturing these images; sharing the images with others is the other half of the enjoyment. If a person lingers on an image, giving it a second look, and has an emotional response, it’s as if we made a connection like eye contact.

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